Stellar Firma Ltd is the main antagonist of the podcast Stellar Firma, and is based in a space station of the same name. They are a terraforming company which has existed for "thousands of years" who "saved" humanity from the destruction of Earth on the condition that they must all sign their lineages up to be citizen-employees.[1] Stellar Firma is owned and operated by the mysterious and all-powerful Board. They also supply nuclear energy to much of the universe as a way of manipulating politics.[2]

Structure Edit

Stellar Firma works on a hyper-capitalist bottom line that places no value on life in order to hasten production and reap benefits, enforced by military threat from I.M.O.G.E.N. They have extensive dealings with The [REDACTED] Agency, who serve extrajudicial punishments, spy work, and low profile murders.[3] Positions are inherited, as Stellar Firma has a lineage-based hierarchy. They have their own internal legal system, including trials.[4] Employee-Citizens are educated in schools that are not a branch of Stellar Firma but are associated with them.

At some point in the recent past (within Trexel's tenure as a Planet Designer) There was a critical RAM shortage within the CPU (which I.M.O.G.E.N. needs to be updated to deal with, but for some reason cannot be). All but essential or protected routines were abandoned, meaning that the upkeep of non-protected departments with less than 100 employees were disbanded (their employees 'encouraged' to relocate), causing several incidents and countless deaths, as well as the decay of the company from the inside out. Approximately 112 departments were shut down as part of the effort. It is most likely that protected departments included ones that optimized immediate profits and kept executives happy.

It is possible that Stellar Firma intentionally sabotages their own planet designs with glitches in Explosion Management and allowing people like Trexel to design planets, as a way to get repeat customers, as anyone seeking a planet has nowhere else to go.

Known Departments / Job Positions Edit

Miscellaneous Rules Edit

  • "Swapsies": in the case of the destruction of a piece of property or a clone, the consultant can swap one item out for another. [4]
  • The Board is not to be contacted.[5]
  • Security Alerts
  • There are no Gods, only The Board.
  • All time is company time.[6]
  • Class Solidarity is not tolerated.[7]
  • Defectors from the company will be eliminated.[8]
  • Child labor is encouraged.[8]
  • Marriage occurs when two people consume each other's blood. Trexel describes marriage as the "bonding of two people in a way that eventually makes them hate each other"[9]
  • No Takesies Backsies
  • Non-marriage relationships can be codified by forms.
  • Some positions, such as Consultants, can call the gun walls on someone once a quarter.[3]
  • Stellar Firma has its own Stellar Firma Annual Branded cycle, which has somewhere between 109 and and 761 weeks. Assuming that Trexel had an average burn rate of 2.5 clones a week before David-5, we can estimate that the Stellar Firma Annual Branded cycle is ~305 weeks long.[10]

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