Season 1 of Stellar Firma launched on February 15, 2019, and ended on July 19, 2019.




  • Imogen Harris as I.M.O.G.E.N.
  • Ben Meredith as David 7
  • Jenny Haufek as Hartro Piltz
  • Tim Meredith as Trexel Geistman
  • Simon Plotkin as Harry
  • Amy Dickinson as Number 1
  • Rachel Meredith as Number 48
  • John Henry Falle as character witness
  • Lowri Ann Davies as character witness
  • Alexander J Newall as character witness
  • Sue Sims as character witness


Created by:

  • Tim Meredith
  • Ben Meredith

Produced by:

  • Lowri Ann Davies

Executive Producer:

  • Alexander J Newall

Editing by:

  • Alexander J Newall
  • David Devereux

Music by:

  • Samuel DF Jones

Artwork by:

  • Anika Khan
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