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Hartro Piltz (ID 63277482) is Trexel Geistman's unfortunate Line Manager.


Hartro is a strict, sickly sweet manager that often uses over familiar terms to describe the people under her control, calling them akin to a family, despite her intense dislike of Trexel and all his associates. She is not from a particularly prestigious line and has had to work for where she is, and resents Trexel's benefits from nepotism. She likes to party and schmooze, and is intent on climbing the ladder and becoming someone. She has been interviewed by Sigmund Shankeray,[1] where you can see the kind of extreme pressure and critiscism her position puts her under. She has a temper, and is quick to punish others for Trexel's actions. She is also highly creative, having constructed puppets[2], an intricate diorama[3], and a murder room.[4]

Season 1[]

Hartro's voice is heard in the first episode as she welcomes David 7 to Stellar Firma. Subsequently, she shows up every five episodes for a review (an occasionally other times as well- for team building or other such exercises).

During their first review[5] she berates both Trexel and David for their deadly planet designs. For Trexel's punishment, she puts her foot in his mouth. Despite this, Trexel says the review is one of the best he's ever had.

When Trexel steals a brief and a trial is initiated, Hartro quickly moves to recycle David 7, wanting to forgo a fair trial, and seems rather angry when she isn't able to. This is another case of her trying to punish others to punish Trexel.

Season 2[]

Hartro is increasingly enraged by Trexel's behavior since he first evaded punishment, as he held a higher position than ever as a Sales employee, despite being so miserable at his job. She appears to have much fewer subordinates, potentially only dealing with Trexel and David 7, as evidenced by her reaction to speculation about how much time she has on her hands. She eventually snaps and attempts to kill Trexel and David 7 herself, but is foiled by I.M.O.G.E.N. hiding them in Expediting.

Because of this attempted destruction of company property, she receives a very stern talking to by Number 1 and Number 48, after which she, against her will, becomes very very supportive of Trexel, trying to convince him and David that the murder attempt was training. Hartro was being protected by Standards from being recycled for as long as she was useful, but with her failure to keep track of Trexel and David, is on very thin ice. She currently is tasked with finding and bringing them back.

Season 3[]

Hartro has been watching David and Trexel at the cafe, David's Place. She's been waiting for the perfect moment to strike and when she does she comes with a paper gun and drags the boys off to their new job in management consultancy


Hartro describes her style as "sensible and tight"[6]. It is also confirmed that she wears a brassiere.[7]


  • Hartro likes to maintain her appearance, and regularly gets cosmetic procedures such as ion scrubs.[5]
  • Hartro actively enjoys putting her feet in Trexel's mouth as a form of punishment.
  • Hartro sent Trexel's favorite band to be killed at the hands of the The Winter Lettuce Collective (a presumed murderer) because he was late for work.[5]
  • Hartro likes table-top roleplaying games.[8]
  • Hartro wakes up at 4 AM every morning,[1] and sleeps in her cubicle.
  • Hartro went to a specific Line-Manager school oriented towards middle class children.
  • Hartro sometimes uses the username "Footputter5"