Megatron_46 requests a planet dedicated to the consumption of rare delicacies and the native species of the planet must be unfeasibly aggressive in everything they do.


Trexel arrives the customary 20-25 minutes before the deadline. He has been drinking throughout the weekend and is still in a jolly mood after last week’s positive review.

The day’s client is Megatron_46. They are asking for a planet dedicated to the consumption of rare delicacies, and their non-negotiable feature is that the native species of the planet must be incredibly aggressive in everything they do.

Trexel starts with a history lesson on humanity’s past with the Megatrons. They originally created Megatron_1, who was quite lovely, but each iteration was made increasingly advanced. Things really took off with Megatron_5, who was able to create new Megatrons by themself. They have their own society now and like to occasionally threaten war with humanity but they’re mainly customers.

They do really hate humans though and love to organise groups of people against humanity. This might very well be what the planet is for as, according to Trexel, robots only eat carbon.

Megatrons don’t have faces, just a big plate with a face drawn on it, and they decide to look up Megatron_46 to get a better feel for them. Their expression is a bit coy, a bit cheeky and Trexel immediately realises that they must have wanted a prank planet all along, and he will not hear any objections from David.

They will have to accommodate any species that Megatron_46 wants to invite and decide on an incredibly long table that stretches from pole to pole. It will start of enormous, a mile wide with massive chairs, and taper off until it’s small enough to seat even the smallest germ.

To kill two birds with one stone, the delicacies will consist of the unreasonably aggressive fauna. To make the animals aggressive, the planet will be covered in a web of psychic shields set to the emotional trauma setting. Wherever they go, they will constantly be traumatised as they pass through the shields.

Food preparation will simply be handled by providing the guests with laser rifles, allowing them to simultaneously kill and cook any tasty-looking animal. The underlying prank of the planet is that everything will taste of sadness because of the emotional trauma.

David raises some concern that this planet could galvanise an anti-human revolution but they're out of time and and submit the brief. Trexel intends to keep celebrating but before he can leave the office, he simply passes out on the floor.


  • The Planet Brief Submission for this episode was submitted by Stuart McQueen.
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