Trexel faces his first performance review since he was assigned David 7. They face the intense scrutiny, and feet, of line manager Hartro Piltz.


It is review day and Trexel shows up late as usual, profusely apologising to Line Manager Hartro Piltz, who isn’t there. She arrives shortly after and reveals that she has had a tracker implanted in Trexel so that she can doesn’t have to wait around but can simply see when he’s finally in the office.

The time has come to review the planets that David and Trexel have spent the week designing.

Planet 512896-AEdit

The hatchling planet requested by Nurturer 163 of the Superfluous Tentacle turned out to be a murder planet. The boiling seas were too hot and evaporated, causing two thousand three hundred and ninety-two hatchlings to be fried in front of their parents.

Planet 512897-ꝘEdit

Hartro finds it very interesting that the planet requested by Burn Market, the 23rd Earl of Armica, happens to include a giant ivory statue of Trexel, with all other parts of the planet arranged to look at it.

Planet 512898-ꜾEdit

Mitsy Van Schuten’s planet has turned into a nightmare for the legal team. The life and death guns intended for use on the animals were exploited by visitors to kill and resurrect all kinds of relatives. They had to ultimately just push the planet into a sun to and luckily no one managed to leave with any of the guns.

Planet 512899-ꝄEdit

As it turns out, the Lead Singer of The Winter Lettuce Collective was a murderer all along and giving them two rooms full of explosives and a small army of dogs with knives strapped to their heads wasn’t the brightest idea. They have been hosting parties, inviting, and murdering, all sort of famous galactic artist. The Lead Singer of The Winter Lettuce Collective is admittedly very pleased with the planet but all the murdering has lead to several court cases against Stellar Firma Ltd.


Hartro concludes that the underlying problem behind these designs is Trexel’s ego and forces him to repeat “it’s never about me, it’s always the client” with her foot in his mouth. She’s quite pleased to see him cry as he forces the words out. He has hopefully learned his lesson and she heads off to have an ion scrub.

Trexel is elated. This is the best review he has ever had. The fact that she didn’t recycle David is downright miraculous. He attributes it to his personal genius and leaves to celebrate at the Cosmic Lounge.

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