The Lead Singer of The Winter Lettuce Collective requests a Planet to reflect their brilliance, including a sky mood ring.


Trexel, once again arrives about half an hour before their deadline. He is particularly agitated as their review is tomorrow and line manager Hartro Piltz will judge the planets they’ve designed. If they’re bad, David will die and, more importantly, Trexel will get reprimanded.

They set about designing a spectacular planet for today’s client, the lead singer and only surviving member of The Winter Lettuce Collective. They request a planet that reflects their brilliance in every sense, and it must have a mood ring sky.

Unfortunately, no one knows who, or what, the lead singer of The Winter Lettuce Collective is. While an entirely dark planet would reflect this sense of mystery, it would hardly be impressive. They look for inspiration in the music of The Winter Lettuce Collective instead and decide on a pod planet containing a library of their full body of work.

They consider including a memorial gallery to the dead members of The Winter Lettuce Collective but it is rumoured that the one surviving member may have murdered them all. To be one the safe side, they include two galleries. One will be the “I Murdered The Other Members Of My Band” gallery while the other is “The Members Of My Band Were Tragically Killed In A Series Of Unrelated Accidents” gallery. They will rig both will explosives and the lead singer can simply detonate the one they don’t want to keep.

They look to the client’s credit record for more ideas on what to include. They have purchased a lot of ruched fabric, small dogs, and knives, so the obvious option is to include a lot of small dogs in frilly shirts. Half of the dogs will have knives taped to their heads, for a bit of spicy danger. To keep the dogs from killing each other, they will also be doped up on sedatives.

For the sky mood ring they settle on an interior laser show in the gigantic atrium of the planet. Someone will be employed to continually interview the lead singer in order to determine their mood and transmit the data to the laser show. As a bonus, this interview can be broadcast to paying subscribers, which will help pay for all the dog upkeep.

They submit the brief and David is terribly stressed about the upcoming review. IMOGEN suggests recording himself to unwind and David starts an audio blog.


  • The Planet Brief Submission for this episode was submitted by Tessa Wright.
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