Mitsy Van Schuten – 4th wife to the President of the Mars Concordant requests a planet dedicated to cute animals with particular focus on the fauna of old earth.


A curmudgeonly Trexel arrives 20 minutes before the deadline with a pounding headache. His mood quickly improves upon realising that the client is Mitsy Van Schuten, the 4th wife to the President of the Mars Concordant. An incredibly important individual that he is eager to impress.

She requests a planet dedicated to every adorable animal in existence, it must absolutely have an interactive ride through each animal enclosure where you can get out and play with them.

Some of the specific animals requested are tigers, sharks and barracudas, which are something of a challenge as they are all extinct. The logical course of action, according to Trexel, is to make the planet tidally locked, one side always facing the sun. The light side will be populated with living animals while the dark side will be covered in piles and piles of dead, but very cute, animals.

On David 7’s suggestion they will also stick some of the mangled animal corpses to actors to create a sort of haunted zoo attraction. The planet will need a wide range of biomes in order to sustain all the different species and Trexel reveals that they can simply use a stock planet with a varied climate.

Generating proper facsimiles of every adorable animal, live or dead, would be quite the hassle so they decide to just get a very large selection of animals and hope no one notices any missing. To create a natural sense of diversity, they will be set loose to roam for a week before having fences erected around them in whatever constellations they have settled in.

For the interactive ride, they decide on a monorail. In an effort to impress Mitsy Van Schuten they also decide to include guns on the monorail. On the light side they will have regular guns for the indiscriminate killing of wildlife, on the dark side they will have life guns for bringing back the dead animals as undead abominations.

They wrap up the brief and submit it. Trexel is quick to leave as he has an appointment at the Cosmic Lounge and doesn’t deactivate the IMOGEN terminal on his way out. It attempts to register David 7 as a new user but glitches out and ends up granting him universal permissions. David 7 is intrigued.


  • The Planet Brief Submission for this episode was submitted by Wren Griffin-Harrigan.
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