Burn Market the 23rd Earl of Armica requests a planet dedicated to Holovision programming with suggestively named landmarks.


David 7 has been sitting in the dark for 23 hours when Trexel shows up. They only have 20 minutes before the deadline and must design a planet for Burn Market the 23rd Earl of Armica. They request a planet be purpose-built for the production of reality holovision shows and that all landmarks have suggestive names.

Blood sports are immensely popular in Armica and to facilitate their production, David 7 and Trexel decide on a size 4 planet covered in thousands of stadiums. Stadia? Stadii? Stadfarms. Some of them will also be Sadfarms for the production of dramas.

The planet will be segmented by a grid, each square contained by climate walls to allow for a variety of weather conditions. Each section will also have its own suggestively named landmark. Luckily, they only have to name a couple of the landmarks as the Build Team will do most of the actual work.

Trexel is pleased with David’s performance and estimates that he might actually survive a couple of weeks before being recycled. David finds the notion quite distressing but Trexel leaves, turning off the lights, before he can learn what recycling entails.


  • The Planet Brief Submission for this episode was submitted by Felix Murley-Anderson.
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