Citizen Employee Trexel Geistman is paired with new bio facsimile David 7 as client Nurturer 163 of the Superfluous Tentacle requests a hatch world for the breeding of their young.


Earth died in 2260 but Stellar Firma Ltd. offered mankind a new life in space aboard their specialist fabrication vessels. The population of Earth almost unanimously volunteered themselves and their genetic legacies to be permanent citizen employees of Stellar Firma Ltd. 900 years later, Stellar Firma offers high-grade environmental fabrication services to the galaxy’s finest inhabitants.

David 7 is born and welcomed to life by I.M.O.G.E.N.’s dulcet tones. He is assigned to assist design consultant Trexel Geistman and after a quick Matrix-style lesson in management and design, he is dumped onto the floor of an office. Trexel arrives seven hours later and David 7 is thrown in at the deep end as they must immediately design a planet.

The client is Nurturer 163 of the Superfluous Tentacle and they request a new hatching world for their many-limbed people of Zocroon 7. They will need toys for the approximate 600,432 larvae in next year’s hatch and the oceans will have to be just the right shade of boiling.

Trexel and David 7 settle on a trough shaped planet. It will be set in a close elliptical orbit around its sun to save on heating and to keep the oceans nice and boiling. All hatchlings will be provided with an intricate ceremonial dagger for enrichment. The eggs will be transported via chute and once hatched, they will be moved to an adolescent-zone where they will spend three years before progressing to the space port, where they will be sent out into the galaxy to start their adult lives.

David 7 is distressed to learn that his survival hinges on the design recommendations being approved by the line manager and design team. Trexel is wholly unbothered and waltzes right out of the office, leaving David 7 in the dark.


  • The Planet Brief Submission for this episode was submitted by Bec Savage.
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