David 7 is the unfortunate clone-assistant to Trexel Geistman.


Season OneEdit

David 7 is created from an experimental design variant on the standard David clone. He is given a Matrix-style lesson in management and design module before being plunged headfirst into the world of planet designing a mere 7 hours after he’s born.

He assists Trexel Geistman in designing planets and, despite his lack of experience, he helps Trexel design some of his best (but still very bad) planets during their first week together. Due to an apparent glitch in the system, he also manages to create an account on IMOGEN with universal permissions. David, who is not allowed to go out of the office, spends his time educating himself on the outside world and starts an audio blog as a way to relax.

He becomes acutely aware of the fact that his life hinges on the success of their planet designs and Trexel’s lax work ethic and general awfulness is an active threat to his life. He teaches himself programming through IMOGEN and sabotages the pipes in the room, causing the briefs to get stuck after being submitted. After Trexel has left for the day, David is able to retrieve the briefs and rewrite them. Using his universal permission, he then alters the time codes to make it seem like they were submitted on time.

Trexel eventually realizes something is amiss and his suspicion of David culminates in his bringing in Harry to inspect the office. As they submit the latest brief, the altered pipes are discovered and Trexel has the office reset. He leaves with the “tainted” brief and David is unable to do anything as they miss the submission deadline.

The next day, David is allowed to leave the office for the first time as Trexel brings him to the Justice room, where he is to be put on trial. Line manager Hartro Piltz acts as prosecutor while Trexel serves as his defense lawyer. David is accused of tampering with the tubes, missing a deadline, and having an audio blog. Hartro recommends immediate recycling.

Trexel attempts a defense, but Hartro swiftly character assassinates him. David is found guilty and set to be recycled when Trexel brandishes the employee handbook. David is technically Trexel’s property and it states that, in cases of property confiscation, a consultant has the right to "invoke swapsies" and switch it out with other property of equal value. Trexel offers his access to the Cosmic Lounge and IMOGEN approves the trade, sparing David’s life.

Once the trial is over, David confronts Trexel about the fact that he could have invoked swapsies all along and still allowed the trial to take place as an excuse to show off. Despite this, he thanks Trexel- he is aware of how important the Cosmic Lounge was to him.

After Trexel reveals that he can still go to the Astral Bar (A slightly nicer bar with a slightly worse pool table), David snaps and beats him up with a fish.

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