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David 7 (ID 95847335) is the reluctant clone assistant to Trexel Geistman.

Personality Edit

David 7 is smart and resourceful, able to keep himself from being recycled despite working with the utterly incompetent Trexel. On the surface, he just seems a little snarky, but he has a deep well of despair and rage which he sometimes falls into.

Hobbies Edit

Due to being left alone the majority of the time (and sometimes for the purposes of survival), David 7 has a number of hobbies, including:

  • David's Fact Corner, an audio blog [1][2]
  • coding [3]
  • eating paper [4]
  • drawing[5]
  • figurine creation [6]
  • beat poetry [7]
  • crochet[8]
  • working out [9]

Physical Appearance Edit

David 7 produces a slimy substance on his skin, which consequently gives him oily hair. He has a tiny barcode inside his eye which is used to tell clones apart [2]. Trexel has described his eyes as "tiny"[10] He wears a gray onesie that has been described as "like a featureless boilersuit"[11] and is slick and hydrophobic. As of season 2, David is rather muscular, and strong enough to kick through a metal wall, having "washboard abs". [12] However this does not change his size due to his clone physiology (this also may be why he cannot grow chest hair).[13]


Season 1Edit

David 7 is created from an experimental design variant on the standard David clone[14]. He is given a Matrix-style lesson in management and design module before being plunged headfirst into the world of planet designing a mere 7 hours after he’s born. [15]

He assists Trexel Geistman in designing planets and, despite his lack of experience, he helps Trexel design some of his best (but still very bad) planets during their first week together[16]. Due to an apparent glitch in the system, he also manages to create an account on I.M.O.G.E.N. with universal permissions.[17] Since he is not allowed to go out of the office, David spends his time educating himself on the outside world and starts an illicit audio blog called "David's Fact Corner"[2] as a way to relax.

He becomes acutely aware of the fact that his life hinges on the success of their planet designs and Trexel’s lax work ethic and general awfulness is an active threat to his life. He teaches himself programming through I.M.O.G.E.N. and sabotages the pipes in the room, causing the briefs to get stuck after being submitted. After Trexel has left for the day, David is able to retrieve the briefs and rewrite them. Using his universal permission, he then alters the time codes to make it seem like they were submitted on time.

Trexel eventually realizes something is amiss and his suspicion of David culminates in his bringing in Harry to inspect the office. As they submit the latest brief, the altered pipes are discovered and Trexel has the office reset. He leaves with the “tainted” brief and David is unable to do anything as they miss the submission deadline.

The next day, David is allowed to leave the office for the first time as Trexel brings him to the Justice room, where he is to be put on trial. Line manager Hartro Piltz acts as prosecutor while Trexel serves as his defense lawyer. David is accused of tampering with the tubes, missing a deadline, and having an audio blog. Hartro recommends immediate recycling.

Trexel attempts a defense, but Hartro swiftly character assassinates him. David is found guilty and set to be recycled when Trexel brandishes the employee handbook. David is technically Trexel’s property and it states that, in cases of property confiscation, a consultant has the right to "invoke swapsies" and switch it out with other property of equal value. Trexel offers his access to the Cosmic Lounge and I.M.O.G.E.N. approves the trade, sparing David’s life.

Once the trial is over, David confronts Trexel about the fact that he could have invoked swapsies all along and still allowed the trial to take place as an excuse to show off. Despite this, he thanks Trexel- he is aware of how important the Cosmic Lounge was to him.

After Trexel reveals that he can still go to The Astral Bar, David snaps and beats him up with a fish.

Season 2 Edit

David 7 tries to adjust as fast as possible to the change, and trains under Trexel in sales, under the impression that this will give him formal qualifications. It will not.

When David learns about the reasons behind Trexel's feelings about clones, he gets (rightfully) upset and tells him off for treating him this way because of his own emotional trauma. from then on, David's revolutionary leanings only build, stating that he believes his life to be meaningless and that he could die at any second. This is only exacerbated by Hartro's attempt to kill him and Trexel.

He no longer gives Trexel any kind of leeway, and is incredibly moody and prone to anger. He spends a lot of his time questioning how and why things are done, especially when it comes to Standards, who visited him and alluded to "big plans" for him.

David begins building muscle mass via exercise and very quickly is strong enough to hurt Trexel (much to his distress) and damage Stellar Firma property. This aids him when he eventually has a meltdown after another visit from Standards and hearing that his clone comrades have programmed in subservience.

He destroys the brief they were given, and loudly announces his feelings on The Board, and begins making demands. I.M.O.G.E.N. attempts to shoot him, but her ammunition is empty, and David punches through the now encroaching wall and pulls Trexel in with him to the vent, to make their way towards the Complaints Office.

As he and Trexel traverse the vents, they meet Enola, which further discourages and angers David toward the human residents of Stellar Firma. When they reach the Filing department, David comes to the sickening discovery that Stellar Firma is a husk that is slowly decaying as a result of a CPU failure, and everything that doesn't make the company money has been de-prioritized. He discovers the dead body of another clone, and gets very upset.

He is currently trapped in Filing with Trexel.

Relationships Edit

Trexel Geistman Edit

David is Trexel's assistant, and hates him enough to have considered killing him. He is at his wit's end with having to put up with him, although he does bring Trexel along with him into the vents, and admits to Enola that they are partners.[18]

Bathin Edit

David has a crush on Bathin despite never meeting him and only hearing Trexel's biased anecdotes. He has crocheted and drawn several erotic renditions of Bathin, and looks up photos of him on I.M.O.G.E.N.

Hartro Edit

David and Hartro were set at odds from the start, as David is supposed to act as Trexel's assistant, so Hartro is frequently in the position of punishing him as a way of punishing Trexel. They sometimes bond over seeing Trexel in pain, but David does not like or trust her given her behaviour in the past and her self-centered motivations.

I.M.O.G.E.N. Edit

I.M.O.G.E.N. and David have a stronger bond than most others in the show. She often makes extra effort to protect him and give him special privileges, as well as showing him affection. David calls her Mummy[19] and appreciates her unwillingness to hurt him, making her possibly David's favourite entity on Stellar Firma.

Enola Edit

Enola initially made a good impression on David, being another person with a hatred of Trexel and critiscism for Stellar Firma, but David was disappointed to learn about the hopeful yet completely unhelpful work Enola was doing, although they did see him as a person, which is more than can be said for most.[18]

Trivia Edit

  • David 7 is capable of swallowing paper and excreting it undamaged
  • David 7 is different to other clones in that he had his subservience protocols turned off and has more access to I.M.O.G.E.N. than he should have[12]
  • David's ideal look is jorts, a bowtie, a high collared jacket, and literally nothing else.[20]
  • David seems to enjoy creating art, as he writes beat poetry[7], draws[5], and crochets[8]. Many of these artistic endeavors are done to try to portray Bathin.
  • David 7 does not subscribe to gender as he exists outside of society and has no connection to human gender. He describes himself as "David" when asked, and I.M.O.G.E.N. also recognises his identity.
  • David 7 always knows what time it is, due to internal clone time.[21]
  • David 7 does not bleed. It is uncertain if this is typical of all clones or just Davids.
  • David 7 has a disdain for socks ever since they were first explained to him. He sees them as a stupid waste of fabric.[10]
  • David 7 reads pornography magazines for the articles.[22]
  • Due to his near entire life spent inside small rooms, David is incredibly agoraphobic and becomes distressed in wide open spaces.[2][22]
  • As of Episode 48, David can kick and punch with a force of approximately 20-23 US tons . For reference, an average human can punch with a force of ~7 pounds, or 0.0035 US tons. [23]
  • According to Tim, if David were an animal he would be a slightly emaciated/concussed crane (poised, spindly, angly, unsure. Could be beautiful if it weren't for its many injuries)[24]

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