Bathin inherited his position as Great Duke of Galactonium from his father, the Duke of Galactonium. He also went to school with Trexel. He is fantastically rich, and commissioned Stellar Firma Ltd. for a planet to store his precious gems in, 512905- ⬳.

Personality Edit

According to David 7, it's "a proven fact that Bathin is lovely and very kind".[1] This appears to be true - he runs seven charities,[2] and Hartro says he's great to work with. Even Trexel admits that Bathin seemed to like everyone at school other than Paxt Scrum, including Trexel.

However, this is contrary to previous statements by Trexel, saying that they weren't friends, and that Bathin once held him upside-down in an airlock, depriving him of air. This implies a more malicious, bully-type personality, one that contradicts with later information given on him. Tim Meredith has stated that Trexel may well believe this to be true, but that this may have never happened.

Physical Appearance Edit

As I.M.O.G.E.N. says, "Bathin is yum".[3] He is very handsome indeed. Sensitive looking but muscular, with sculpted abs, "handsome nipples", "big, soft arms", a "chiseled head", and luxurious chest hair. He wears reading glasses. Hartro says she feels one could talk to him if they had a problem. It is implied that he's well-endowed (as per I.M.O.G.E.N.'s comment about David 7's naked, crocheted Bathin).[4]

Relationships Edit

Trexel Geistman Edit

Trexel and Bathin went to school together, and Trexel resents the fact that he went off and became a Great Duke while Trexel went to go work at Stellar Firma Ltd. Trexel maintains that he was "a real ding-dong at school",[5] claiming he held him upside-down into an airlock until he turned blue. He becomes jealous and annoyed whenever Bathin is brought up, and often insults him, usually by calling him an idiot.[4] That being said, Trexel describes Bathin wanting to be his friend at school, approaching him and calling him "buddy" which Trexel angrily rebuffed. Trexel once went on a tangent describing dancing with Bathin and holding his hand, only stopping when pointed out by David who he was talking about.

David 7 Edit

David 7 has never met Bathin, but has a large crush on him. David 7 dreams about a shirtless Bathin,[6] draws him,[7], collects photos,[3] wishes to dress like him,[8] and crocheted three versions of him in varying stages of undress, one of which was "full Bathin".[4]. He also expressed a desire to save Bathin from the possible neer-doing of someone below him,[1] and prefers Bathin to The Face.[9]

Hartro Piltz Edit

Hartro is a fan of Bathin, and appears to have met him as she claims to "love working with him".[2] She has also used his charity for people who don't like shopping.[2] She calls him a "lovely man" who "makes the world better".[2] It is unknown how much of this is genuine affection and how much is to get a rise out of Trexel.

I.M.O.G.E.N. Edit

I.M.O.G.E.N. is a fan of Bathin, and finds him attractive. She calls his head "chiseled". She also says:

  • "Bathin is yum.”[3]
  • "Saved for later, like the snack he is. Yum!”[1]
  • "Yum."[8]
  • "Even when knitted he's got it in spades.”[4]
  • "Ooh, Bathin versus The Face. That's a tough one.”[9]

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Bathin" may have been taken from the demon duke Bathin described in a number of demonological grimoires [10]
  • He does not hold his alcohol well.[5]
  • "Topless Bathin" was a restricted search term at Stellar Firma Ltd.[11] After a cost benefit analysis of the processing power required for the restriction, given 57% of the station's users had searched similar terms, it was unrestricted.
  • Hot Boy
  • Bathin operates 7 charities, including ones for people who cannot find their spaceship, and one for "people who don't like to shop"[2]
  • Bathin models part time for clothing brands
  • He can make 6 cocktails at once[2]
  • He has read a book entitled "How To Make Yourself A More Understanding Person", which had very small text[2]

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